​​Hilgers Publications represents the combined works of four generations of enthusiastic orthodontists. This site is a repository for their combined scientific and clinical articles, philosophy, media exposure, office design, marketing campaigns, patented inventions and, well, just plain joy in what they do.  Together, Dr. Donald Hilgers, Dr. James Hilgers, Dr. Michael Hilgers, Dr. Kelly Hilgers and Dr. Shannon Hilgers Nissen exemplify a combined clinical and teaching legacy of over 120 years. These presentations can be viewed by simply clicking on the desired .pdf or digital media file.


​​​​​   Clinical and   Scientific Articles ​

Over 90 clinical and scientific

articles written over 50 years

for refereed journals.  These

articles display the breath of knowledge and expertise that

can be achieved in the pediatric and orthodontic specialties. These articles are available for your downloading.

Offices and Design

Orthodontic and Pediatric Dental offices in Mission Viejo,

California and Goodyear, Arizona represent the latest in specialty office design.  From the "themed" and incredibly fun offices of Drs. Mike and Kelly Hilgers to the cool "spa-like" design of Dr. James Hilgers and Dr. Shannon Hilgers Nissen, they are truly state-of-the art.

Recent News

 Public Relations,

Charity and Media

Ongoing charitable and marketing campaigns designed to not only give back to the community but  to increase public awareness of changes and possibilities in the ever-evolving orthodontic landscape. In this way it's possible to turn a positive office culture into an affirmative branding experience.

​The ideal orthodontic practice is not achieved without a lot of pragmatic and philosophical decision making. Orthodontics is a technical and artistic skill set that should be imbued with lots of fun and life.  Herein lies some of the thought processes that have been mentored and passed from generation to generation.

Philosophy, Business

and Humor

Latest Project

News 1

Drs. Mike and Kelly Hilgers met with Arizona governor Janice K. Brewer at a recent Yavasupi County Fair.

News 2

Drs. Hilgers, Nissen and Tracey

published a new article in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics in August, 2012 entitled "The P.I.T. and the Pendulum." In November 2019 look for “Bone-anchored yet removable” maxillary molar distalization with the Pendulis Appliance" by Francois-Joseph Nappe, Magali Nappe, and James J Hilgers. Also, expected in 2021, look for "The Rise of Permanent Retention-7 Concepts for Maintainance Stability" by Hilgers, Miroue, Nissen and Tracey.

Dr. Shannon Hilgers Nissen and a few of her wonderful patients

California: Dr. Shannon Hilgers Nissen + 26302 La Paz Road, Suite 202 + Mission Viejo, CA 92691 (949) 830-4101

Arizona: Dr. Michael Hilgers + 17750 W Elliot Rd #115, Goodyear, AZ 85338  (623) 935-0063

Arizona: Dr. Michael Hilgers + 1646 N. Litchfield Rd., Suite #210 Goodyear, AZ 85395 (623) 935-3908

Arizona: Dr. Kelly Hilgers + Pediatric Dentistry + 14425 W. McDowell Road Goodyear, AZ 85395 (623) 536-0079

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